Blog: Monday Monday Music
             A Weekly Blog About Rock 'n' Roll And Americana Genres Of Music

I typically connect my writing to music in my past and present experiences. I always include either an embedded Youtube Playlist or Youtube songs in the blog post. It's 'the little blog that could' as I've steadily grown my readership to average about 200 hits in the first week that I publish. I started the blog in 2015 as an exercise to improve my writing skills with a Monday morning deadline. 

I have several reoccurring themes:

  • 50 Years of Music - I write and create a playlist for the month and year from 50 years ago.
  • #NewMusicMonday - I write and create a playlist for the current month of new releases.
  • #BestSongiHeardToday - I write and create a playlist volume of twenty-five songs from the best songs I have recently heard while running on my local trail route.
  • Team Tortoise - I combine my passions for music and running and share my tips and tricks for running in one's later years and trying to stay injury-free. 

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