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K-12 Educator • Learning Environment Consultant, Author & Speaker • Music Blogger • Jogger (slow = slogger)

Doug is a K-12 teacher who in 2014 completed a successful thirty-five-year career in special and general education in San Diego Unified School District. Here’s a brief history.

  • Doug was a special education teacher for students with severe multiple disabilities. He created many electrical control devices for these student’s communication and leisure. He also created professional development for teachers and parents working and living with these students. In 1983, he started a non-profit business called, Designs for Success that fabricated individualized adaptations for students with disabilities. Doug was also the District’s first Assistive Technology Resource Teacher, which later grew into its own Assistive Technology Department under Special Education Services.

  • In general education, Doug taught Kindergarten and later became a K-6 Computer Lab Teacher.

  • He served many years as a central office K-12 Magnet Schools and Educational Technology Resource Teacher for the District. During these years, Doug worked with many talented colleagues and teamed to provide inquiry-based professional development that integrated technology in learning activities. Doug also evaluated and field tested many hardware products and furniture that became District standards in classrooms, libraries and labs, including: Macs, Windows and Linux laptop computers and cart systems, student standing desks, teacher wireless microphone/audio systems, video projectors, document cameras, interactive whiteboards and eliminating the traditional teacher desk for a multimedia presentation station. In Ed Tech, Doug created a website called the Product Price List with images and descriptions that was very popular for many years with District teachers and staff to view all the district technology and AV furniture standards. 

  • As an Ed Tech Resource Teacher, Doug was tasked to work with the District's Facilities Planning staff to assist with new school construction with the technology integration of classroom audio systems, video presentation systems and laptop computers.

  • In 2009, Dan Wolfson (Educational Technology Program Manager) and Doug co-created the i21 Learning Initiative which over five years provided professional development for the District-wide deployment of interactive whiteboards, sound system, presentation station and 1:1 laptops for every classroom and teacher in the District. Dan and Doug wrote the first strategic planning drafts for the entire deployment.

  • Doug finished his teaching career at Mission Bay High School in San Diego as both their International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator and Technology Coordinator. Working with school staff and the community, Doug helped grow and promote the IB program to a level of sustainability as it continues to prosper today. He also created sit/stand options for students in classrooms and transformed the library into a learning commons.

In 2014, Doug took his experience and passion for learning to start his own educational consulting business, Groupwerk, Inc.
  • As an educational consultant/designer, Doug advocates the 20th to 21st century transformation of a school's three most common learning spaces from- classrooms to learning studios, libraries to learning commons and, labs to makerspaces.

  • Doug designed his business model with two distinct project functions. One, he runs a for-profit educational consulting and design service having the opportunity to partner with schools and companies to craft unique learning spaces in many K-12 classrooms, libraries, and labs.

    Second, he created a path to accomplish his passion for crafting engaging learning environments through philanthropy. He wanted to give back by directly helping teachers and librarians who have a passion to create and work in their own flexible learning space. Doug created Project Learning Spaces™ as a nonprofit working with companies, organizations and citizens to provide donated new furniture, products and/or services to transform K-12 school learning spaces. For him, it was one of his best ideas and one he plans to sustain the rest of his life.
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