About Us
The Mission of Groupwerk Philanthropic Projects is to orchestrate projects that directly support teachers and coaches help young people succeed in learning and sporting environments. 
Executive Director, Doug McIntosh
Doug is a co-founder of Groupwerk Philanthropic Projects. He is passionate about creating engaging learning environments for young people and is the creator of Project Learning Spaces™. 

Doug is equally passionate about young people playing sports and having the access and means to do so with their peers. He is the co-creator of Project Sports Bag™ and runs the daily operations of both of Groupwerk's current projects. 

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Board of Directors
Founding Board Member, Jerry Van Wey
Jerry a co-founder of Groupwerk Philanthropic Projects. He is President of Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) in San Diego. ITG is a Technology Integration Company that has specialized expertise in the K-12 education market. ITG provides installation services for educational manufactures, re-sellers, contractors, consultants , and school districts  throughout the United States.

Jerry is the creator of Project Sports Bag™ with his vision for wanting to start a philanthropy for young people needing financial assistance to receive the sports equipment necessary to compete in a particular sport with an affiliated organization. 

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